That’s all folks

I’m not saying that I’m gonna stop anytime soon, but man, it gets harder every year. Keeping up with these young buck party monsters is tough business, but I’ve got lots of training, just lots of laziness, too.

Two days of enjoying the Texas weather and some SXSW action.

Started off the day in a backyard of buddies where there was a sighting of the new Bearded Lady brand. We drank a couple pre-game beers, then hopped on the bikes and off we went into the madness.


Checked out Kadavar from Germany. Rad 70’s metal literally transported to 2013.


Then, went and checked out Thurston Moore’s project Chelsea Light Moving.


Ended the day with the lovely sounds of Vegetable Kingdom at a house party.


Then, back to the bar to hang out with these dudes.


All in all, it was a bunch of fun and exciting to see our city overrun by the media and corporate sponsorships. I’m just ready to get back to sleepy town Austin and have some BBQ’s and hangouts.

Just an old update

Other than working, I’ve gotten to get out and hang with my buds. This past weekend we went out to Johnson’s Backyard Garden for a potluck, afternoon-on-a-blanket session. It was fun. Here are some pictures.

I’ll try my best to keep the news and updates coming, but I won’t promise anything. Take care!

SXSW 2011 Recap

Special thanks go out to Domy, Dublab, the Fader Fort/Cornerstone crew, Style X, Monofonous Press, Crooks, Expensive Shit, Soft Healer, Daniel Francis Doyle and Crummy House. Without you it wouldn’t have been the same. Thanks to all the people who work so hard to make it what it was.

SXSW is upon us

I’m a bit behind in all blog posts and I’m putting up this one to say that I won’t be posting for a bit in the next two weeks, but you can get a hold of me on Twitter (@mase_man) to see where I be during the fun times. Excited to be working with the Fader Fort, Style X and Dublab this year.