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On the update

Been a pretty hectic month, but keeping on with the making and doing. Making connections again and starting new projects makes the hectic worthwhile.

Got to chill with Mr. Rich Cali at Common House a few weeks back. We spent the afternoon making some prints and drawing. Read about what has been happening over at CH.

Did some work on a commission that Jess and I are working on for good friends Nick and Steph which will be wrapping up in the next couple weeks. I’ll do a post once it’s hanging up.

Dug up some of my old comics to take a look at them again. Check out these two rad specimens.

Until next time…

Just an old update

Other than working, I’ve gotten to get out and hang with my buds. This past weekend we went out to Johnson’s Backyard Garden for a potluck, afternoon-on-a-blanket session. It was fun. Here are some pictures.

I’ll try my best to keep the news and updates coming, but I won’t promise anything. Take care!


Working and jamming out to Neil Young. Got to visit home on an overnight trip to Boerne. Now hanging out and finishing up my Museums Press zine due out in May. That seems a long ways off, but it will be here before you know it.


Had been up to a whole buncha different stuff lately and enjoying some time off from work. Back to the grind Monday, but we’ve been working on our first book over at Crummy House. I am working on a new sculpture, which I’ll post up here in the next couple days. I’ve got a little art hanging over at Birds on East Sixth Street. And life has been treating me pretty kind. I hope your Thanksgiving was nice as well.