Just an old update

Dudes, I’ve been worn out lately. Just working my little fingers to the bone on some radical projects that I’ll be able to tell you about come a month or twenty. It’s been hard to keep this puppy updated, but I’m taking a new approach to blogging. Only do it when you can! So here’s an update.

This is my only SXSW update. I know a month late isn’t much of a blog, but I had a fun time and really ended up taking it easy since the time off from work served as my vacation, too. I worked with my friends at the Fader Fort making a mural and did a video that I posted a while back.

I ended up seeing some good bands and hanging with friends. All in all, SXSW is beginning to become a little more than I can handle. Considering not leaving the house once next year and working on my own pop-indie-sci-fi-rock-dub-house album that will drop SXSW 2016. Get ready.

Other than working, I’ve gotten to get out and hang with my buds. This past weekend we went out to Johnson’s Backyard Garden for a potluck, afternoon-on-a-blanket session. It was fun. Here are some pictures.

I’ll try my best to keep the news and updates coming, but I won’t promise anything. Take care!