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This is where the normals live.

Protest Bongs

The world is a really messed up place these days. Take a walk down the road and you’ll see the inequality and division of our selfish and often times hateful society at work.

I’ll be working this month to make some small sculptures and other artworks which will be on display at Yellow Jacket Social Club on Wednesday, August, 3rd. Hope to see you there.



Web Working

I helped my friend Molly update her website and tell her story a bit. Molly sent me a big box of inspiration and we used it to build this website. Molly is a collector and artist living in California and also runs a vintage clothing company called Squash Blossom Vintage. I designed this site to help show off what she does.

We’re working on updating the online store and adding bits and pieces here as time goes.

Click here to visit the site.

Gomer Update

Just made some sweet little tags for Elmer Gomer, so I thought I would post about them here and give a bit of an update. Things are cruising along for my little company down here in Texas called Elmer Gomer. I’m excited about some projects coming down the line, so make sure you follow the Elmer Gomer Instagram for more drops and news coming the rest of this year. Thanks for all the support!

A Daily Dose

This past year was rough on us all. I wrote this short poem for myself, but figured it could also be a good gift to anyone and everyone who needed a pick me up.

I asked Bo Orr to illustrate in his own way and published the results through the HAND OUTS program on Elmer Gomer. Here are the contents for you to enjoy for free and if you feel like you want to purchase one or send to a friend, you can BUY HERE