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Warmth in color

Yes, even in Texas it is getting colder. Well, not too cold. Working on some different directions to lead us into the new year. Moving forward, so as to keep from moving back. I’ll be posting a few things up from a few events in the past couple weeks, but back to work in getting some new stuff for your eyes to look upon.

After work

It’s always a weird feeling after you’ve accomplished one thing and then you’ve got to figure out what’s next. I have found that’s when the most important creations come out naturally. I’m currently in that mode with my work, check back later to see what happens.

Change is Good


Change is good, but it is hard to accept. We all go through some sort of change at some point in our lives. Cycles of feelings that we all share, just probably never talk about. Over the past few years I’ve experienced change. Nothing incredibly noteworthy, but I know that something has changed. My zine with Museums Press shows a bit of my process through those changes.


Jay Geurink

Just got this great painting last night from Jay Geurink. This big kitty was a collaboration between himself and friend, Brian Gilbert. Jay just launched a new site and has some cool t-shirts for sale on there. Go over and buy one and support this hard working artist. Thanks for the late-night, sneak delivery, Jay!