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In the thick of it

It’s a hard thing to stop and realize the great things that are happening all around you. Usually, when you aren’t thinking about the final product and stressing on the details of how it will get done, you can lose track. Luckily, the world I live in is filled with amazingly talented, kind and helpful people who make the things happen as they should.

Thank you to everyone who gives a shit and more to those who help deal with it when it hits the fan.

You are awesome and you know who you are.



Thanks for coming out to the opening of Together / Whatever. It was a ton of fun and a great night to hang out with some good friends. I’ve got a bunch of photos that I’ll put up in the next couple days.

The show will be up until February 22, so if you see something that you’re interested in, feel free to email them to set up a time to drop in. Congrats again to Jessica Clark and Alexandra Valenti, it was a great getting to put this together with you two.


Finished for now

Time goes by and all of sudden that thing you were doing has changed into something else. Here is an image of one of Aaron Huff’s masterpieces with the logo I worked up for him in use. Congratulations Aaron, you’re gonna do big things and hopefully this logo lasts as long as your guitars.

Full pictures will be up on Aaron’s website which is coming soon.

East Austin Studio Tour 2012

I definitely recommend getting out on your bicycle for the last weekend of EAST coming up. It’s pretty nice to be able to ride a small amount and see such a vast range of artwork. Here is a little recap of what I saw:

Kartwheel Co.

Catherine Dudley

Grafitti Western


I’ll be hitting it up again this coming weekend in hopes of seeing a bit more. Hope to see you out. Let me know if you want to ride around, I’ll be looking for some partners.

On the update

Been a pretty hectic month, but keeping on with the making and doing. Making connections again and starting new projects makes the hectic worthwhile.

Got to chill with Mr. Rich Cali at Common House a few weeks back. We spent the afternoon making some prints and drawing. Read about what has been happening over at CH.

Did some work on a commission that Jess and I are working on for good friends Nick and Steph which will be wrapping up in the next couple weeks. I’ll do a post once it’s hanging up.

Dug up some of my old comics to take a look at them again. Check out these two rad specimens.

Until next time…