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Xandrandave Cookout

The sun roasted us as we roasted some meat and drank some beers. It was hot enough to make me think later that night that someone at the bar was going to take my skin and make a suit out of it. Whoa, glad I got that out of my system. Good to see all the friendly faces though. The bottom right image is a studio David built.

Back to work tomorrow. Big couple weeks coming up.

Making again

Been busy as hell, but finally got Adobe installed on my new computer. Working on a couple things, but nothing that is going to put me over the edge. Finalizing all things 4OUR at The Screamer Company and will post a reminder about the event later in the month. Hope you’re doing well, too. It’s hot out there, drink a lot of water.

Dear ol’ dad

Went to Boerne for Father’s Day, high school ten-year reunion and Berges Fest, the local German festival. We had a great time, now I’m doing some doodling and resting for another week. Ahhh, lazy Sunday.