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In the thick of it

It’s a hard thing to stop and realize the great things that are happening all around you. Usually, when you aren’t thinking about the final product and stressing on the details of how it will get done, you can lose track. Luckily, the world I live in is filled with amazingly talented, kind and helpful people who make the things happen as they should.

Thank you to everyone who gives a shit and more to those who help deal with it when it hits the fan.

You are awesome and you know who you are.


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you and yours this season. I’m ready to sit back and fill my belly with food and beer and hang with my family and friends. Here’s to a new year coming up, but for now, I’m gonna just think about nothing. See you soon 🙂



I turned 30 this last weekend and had some friends and family really treat me to a good time. Thank you to everyone for all the gifts and fun times. I’ve been behind on making art lately, but I’ve got a few updates over on the Flickr page. Go over there and look at some of the new works. Other than that:

Crummy House is working on a new book that should be out this next week.

Dear ol’ dad

Went to Boerne for Father’s Day, high school ten-year reunion and Berges Fest, the local German festival. We had a great time, now I’m doing some doodling and resting for another week. Ahhh, lazy Sunday.