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The Rest of California

The remaining days of our stay included mass amounts of rest and relaxation. It was a much needed break from work and regular life. We saw some cool places around San Francisco and Oakland and ate some good foods in parks and good restaurants.

Also, it was great to catch up with our old friend Ryan, pictured here below with Jessica.

He showed us the sights and sounds that we’d have never found on our own and kept us fed and laughing. Also, we met our new California family Cati, Charles, Laz and old friends Pancho and Cricket.

There’s more pictures out there if you’re handy with Instagram. Or we could do it the old fashioned way and talk about it next time we see each other. Back to work for now, more things coming this week. Stay tuned!


I’m just about to wrap up my vacation and I’ve gotta tell you it was pretty awesome. Christmas was great and New Years was great. I didn’t make a whole bunch of art for myself, but worked on Crummy House books and went on a trip to Portland. I’m ready to get back in the swing of things and start cranking out the work as this year unfolds to show us it’s glory. Welp, here we go. Hope to run into you soon.