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Dear ol’ dad

Went to Boerne for Father’s Day, high school ten-year reunion and Berges Fest, the local German festival. We had a great time, now I’m doing some doodling and resting for another week. Ahhh, lazy Sunday.

Time’s flying by

Checked out the Renegade Craft Fair and picked up a great one off test print from Two Rabbits a great shop out of LA. Other than that, kicked it and saw some Crooks and Woodsboss play Friday, which was great as always. Time to get some stuff done, like finishing up the production on The Roller’s new album, which looks freaking rad already. Good stuff’s coming peoples. Stay positive.

Back to the Future

Took a small break before more madness begins. I’m getting work together for a show over at Thunderbird Coffee on Manor. I’m going to try and make all the art super affordable so that everyone that comes to the show has an opportunity to walk away with a piece of artwork and can still go out afterwards and get a beer with the money leftover. Keep your eyes and ears open for the opening date.