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I simplified a few things on the site. Felt there were some redundant pages.

Here is what was on the old news page for historical purposes.

Good Press is holding their first of a long line of shows in Glasgow. Here’s wishing them great luck!

Designers Journal did a little feature on my work. THANKS DJ!

Museums Press Anthology is still available. Cover art by Morgan Blair

Crummy House finished off a zine with Paul Windle. Click here to view the zine


I turned 30 this last weekend and had some friends and family really treat me to a good time. Thank you to everyone for all the gifts and fun times. I’ve been behind on making art lately, but I’ve got a few updates over on the Flickr page. Go over there and look at some of the new works. Other than that:

Crummy House is working on a new book that should be out this next week.


Had been up to a whole buncha different stuff lately and enjoying some time off from work. Back to the grind Monday, but we’ve been working on our first book over at Crummy House. I am working on a new sculpture, which I’ll post up here in the next couple days. I’ve got a little art hanging over at Birds on East Sixth Street. And life has been treating me pretty kind. I hope your Thanksgiving was nice as well.