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Tribeza Article

My best friend in the world, Jessica Clark, and I were recently featured in Tribeza magazine. I figured since people were coming up and saying they saw it, that it was okay to tell you all about it. Glad to be featured in there with some other Austin people.

Oh yeah, we also made the illustration below highlighting our neighborhood delights!


Little shout out

Kendrick “Greateclectic” Daye over at Art Nouveau Magazine did a nice post about my work on their site.

Click here to check it out!

“Still a child at heart, his art oozes with his affection for the outdoors. Outside of his personal work, Mason has worked for seven years designing and art directing at a successful Austin start-up agency. The inner struggle between the graphic design Mason and the art Mason is real. But the work, whatever the medium is realer.”
-Kendrick Daye