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Jay Geurink

Just got this great painting last night from Jay Geurink. This big kitty was a collaboration between himself and friend, Brian Gilbert. Jay just launched a new site and has some cool t-shirts for sale on there. Go over and buy one and support this hard working artist. Thanks for the late-night, sneak delivery, Jay!

Draw night

We had our first group free-draw session the other night. It was a fun time hanging and working on drawings together. More to come of these fun nights. If you feel like joining us on these weekly drawing sessions, contact me.

Friendly Discussion

My buddy Cody came by today. We haven’t seen each other in a bit, but we talked about art and he called out the patterns in my art and said, “You were in your space when you were making these marks.” And he pointed at the repetition in some of my marks and I realized that, yes, those are the moments when I am in my place . These characters and patterns don’t really come planned. They just happen. I gave Cody this drawing. He gave me loads of insight.