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Drawn and drawn

Enjoying making some one-off books these days, just free styling, and gluing and taping things together and then stapling them into books. I’ve done this for a while, sometimes with different kinds of papers, newspapers, brown bags and other things. Really liked how this spread came out.

Monster Show 666

Just dropped off these two works for the Domy Monster Show 6.

This is one of my favorite shows because of the wide range of art and artists displayed and because you get to wear a costume to the art opening. Also, another cool thing is that if you live in Houston, you can go snag one of these works at the show for dirt cheap since there is an opening the same night there. Looking forward to it and seeing what everyone else came up with and thanks again Russell and Travis at Domy for putting this rad show together. Now to get to work on that costume.


I was working on a project that I’ve been pretty pumped up for the past few weeks and found this image in an old school book my sister gave me as I was tearing through the pages looking for source material. As you can see a group of kids have kindly been given Salvador Dali mustaches and one kid is rocking some Andy Warhol style tinted glasses. This reminded me of what I got the biggest kick out of when I was a young artist. Adding a sweet mustache or funny nose to a character in your textbook was just something I just couldn’t resist as a kid.