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Finished for now

Time goes by and all of sudden that thing you were doing has changed into something else. Here is an image of one of Aaron Huff’s masterpieces with the logo I worked up for him in use. Congratulations Aaron, you’re gonna do big things and hopefully this logo lasts as long as your guitars.

Full pictures will be up on Aaron’s website which is coming soon.

Little shout out

Kendrick “Greateclectic” Daye over at Art Nouveau Magazine did a nice post about my work on their site.

Click here to check it out!

“Still a child at heart, his art oozes with his affection for the outdoors. Outside of his personal work, Mason has worked for seven years designing and art directing at a successful Austin start-up agency. The inner struggle between the graphic design Mason and the art Mason is real. But the work, whatever the medium is realer.”
-Kendrick Daye