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When shit happens.

Patchwork Series

Stoked to have a new set of patches up for sale. These are screen printed on blue fabric, for your own sewing project or jacket. My good buddies at Bearded Lady helped me get these all set up and nice. They are being released in small amounts at the moment, but Bearded Lady will be selling full sheets of these at discounted prices very soon.

Check out what’s available in my shop at the moment.


Super update


Austin Zine Fest

Jess and I took our trove of Crummy House books, zines and posters up to Mass Gallery where we met and ran into a bunch of nice zine makers and creatives from around the Texas area. We got a few good trades and sold a couple books, but overall had fun just hanging out and talking to people.

FFFFest Mural

Birds Barbershop hired me to paint a mural for their Cuts for a Cause booth at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year. I tapped my buddy Rich Cali for an extra pair of hands and his creative vision to help me execute this 200 square foot panel. We ended up coming up with some cool, desert, space-landscape in a limited color palette. It was a bunch of fun! Thanks, Birds and Rich! That as FUN!

Love from Texas at Busy-Being

Literally a day after the mural, I helped hang Alexandra Valenti and myself’s show at Busy-Being. We were super excited about the way it turned out and anxious for the next day’s opening. It went great and we had a good turnout and fun time hanging with the great homies on the steps of Busy-Being.

If you’re still interested in seeing the work, the show will hang through December, so get by there or check out some of the work online here.

Oh yeah, and know what? East Austin Studio Tour is this coming weekend and the opening of David Clark‘s show at Common House on Saturday from 6 – 9 PM. Looks like it’s gonna be another busy one. I’ll have some updates about EAST and where you can find some of my stuff, but for now, that’s all folks.

Neu Folk Revival at Lequivive

Our first full day in California was spent getting our bearings. We rode the MUNI and BART and found it pretty easy to get around. First stop, the haul to Oakland for the Neu Folk Revival show at Lequivive Gallery.

On our way, we wandered to a street gathering where we saw more art at a new spot called Naming Gallery. We met some rad people who swear they knew Jess and I from somewhere else. After a long talk about past places and faces, We could never figure it out, but there was some good music playing, so we just hung out with them before the show. Also, a sweet interactive music performance by Zach Huston was enjoyed by all.

Then we walked over to Lequivive Gallery where we hung out and checked out the early end of Neu Folk Revival’s opening night. We met Rich Jacobs, a great inspiration of mine and Max Kauffman, who curated the show and also an amazing artist. Thanks to Max and Mike at Lequivive for all the hard work on this show. It was really great.

A view of the wall and the amount of artwork.

Works from Other, Ryan Bubnis, Justin Lovato and some others.

My work along with Robert Hardgraves, Jaime Molina, Chris Silva and some others. WHAT!?? So cool.

And more from Rich Jacobs, John Casey, Matt Leines, Mildred and so, many, more.