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Big Commerce Wall Graphics

Big Commerce asked a couple handfuls of artists to come and paint murals at their new office space. I was excited to be chosen as one of them. Here are a few sketches I made before making the final graphic.

I scanned in some drawings and made some graphics that were projected and painted onto their walls.

Birds Barbershop mural

Birds Barbershop needed some new artwork in the Burnet location, so we made this collection of rad musicians and their hairdos and hand painted that sucker up on a nice white wall. The contrast brings some new energy into the space and gives everyone a little something to look at while their hairs get trimmed.

I did a little signage on the door as well. I’ll post some better pictures one of these days.

Thanks for the commission, Birds!

I’ve also got to send major props to my homies Abi Daniel, Aldo Ramos and Anna Gogusey. They were troopers and help me get this shit painted on the wall and looking tight! Thanks you all!

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