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Working with other people.

Element Work


Skateboard graphics got me into the arts more than any other medium I encountered growing up. Flipping through the pages of Thrasher when you're stuck in the middle of small town Texas gave me a glimpse into a larger world.

Needless to say, I was super pumped when Element asked me to do some work together. I've been collaborating with talented art director Brecht Cuppens on some work that is now seeing the light of day. More will be on the way and big thanks to Element for making dreams come true.

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T Cannon Media

A good friend asked me to help out with his brand and website. Tyler does publicity for a bunch of rad musical acts around the nation. Check out the new website and get in touch with Tyler for all your PR needs.

Here’s the final logo and website we came up with:

Some process sketches:


Getaway Motor Club


I’ve been working with Getaway Motor Club on some projects this past year. Getaway offers a bunch of different things, including a co-working space and motor club all in one location on Austin’s east side.

Dustin Haver designed the logo for this project. I’ve been working on building the brand and executing some projects for the club.

Big Commerce Wall Graphics

Big Commerce asked a couple handfuls of artists to come and paint murals at their new office space. I was excited to be chosen as one of them. Here are a few sketches I made before making the final graphic.

I scanned in some drawings and made some graphics that were projected and painted onto their walls.