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Neu Folk Revival

Exhibition: October 5th – November 2nd

A Group Show Curated By Max Kauffman

LeQuiVive Gallery & guest curator Present, Neu Folk Revival a group show exploring notions of traditional art making. The title refers to a new movement working in these confines, or rather a cross section of artists from different realms that make work that speaks to this tradition. By celebrating these techniques, it is hoped that new appreciation for work done by hand, done for the simple act of creation is looked at in line with great artists spanning back to the dawn of civilization. At its core, it is visual storytelling, done by the everyday man, the craftsmen, the self taught, and the sometimes obsessive.

Ryan Bubnis, John Casey, Chip 7, Lisa Congdon, Uriel Correa, Cosmic Nuggets, Jennifer Davis, Cannon Dill, Doodles, Bill Dunlap, Mike Egan, Ghost Patrol, John Fellows, Christian Brock Forrer, Katy Horan, Anthony Hurd, Rich Jacobs, Yellena James, Max Kauffman, Austin Lane, Scot Lefavor, Matt Leines, Linsey Levendall, Justin Lovato, Troy Lovegates, Maseman, Erin McCarty, Mildred, Jaime Molina, Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair, Daryll Peirce, Faring Purth, Ryan Riss, Brian Robertson, Katherine Rutter, Lucien Shapiro, Chris Silva, Colin Van Der Sluijs, Zio Ziegler

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Doing things

Busy with a load of things including, painting, drawing, designing, building. Will be back to report on the collection of projects later this month. Exciting things happening, stay tuned.

Supreme Pizza Cats

Made some work for an upcoming show at HI5H.

Who doesn’t love pizza and cats? Here’s my take on the theme:

This work is inspired by the original Pizza Hut logo, revised with a kitty cowboy and some extra type. This was a fun piece, available at the show coming up!

Natural Causes

As promised, a new painting is in the shop. This work was a much more controlled work than I have been working on in the past. I like to swing from super loose to super detailed, letting the painting guide itself. This one came out pretty cool.


Bloggy Bloggins

Been really needing to do a good old nonsensical post for a bit, so here goes. I’ve been really busy the beginning of this year. It might not seem like it because I haven’t been updating after each project, but there’s a bundle of stuff in the works.

Been dreaming of this baby for a bit. Love the tank colors against the raw metal.


I’m posting on Doodlers Anonymous for the month of May. Get over there and read some entries. I’ll be highlighting other doodlers in town and around my circle of rad creative people.

Also, Bearded Lady printed up a couple Beardos for an upcoming project: BYOBeard. There will be some TV action on PBS of the printing and me babbling about the artwork. I think I had toothpaste on the side of my mouth during the filming, so I may or may not tell you about it when it comes out.

1 Moto Show and Moto GP

Couple buddies and I went down to check out the 1 Moto Show this past weekend. It was a pretty amazing group of bikes of all sizes shapes and styles. I got to make a helmet that appeared at the show:

I think it would have gone well with this bike:

But there were tons of rad motorcycles there. Glad to have been a part of this rad show.

Then on Sunday, we went out and saw the finals for the Moto GP out at the new race track here in Austin. What a fun time!