Move, move, move

Things are moving along at a high speed these days. I’m excited to have some new projects in the works and some on the horizon that will be very fun. There are many updates to be shared, but here’s a small, quick update. More to come once things settle down a little bit.

Astral Spirits LP

Very stoked to be working on the first LP release by Astral Spirits.


We’re getting very close to wrapping up the design of Bow Thayer’s upcoming release, Sundowser. Keep an eye for this rad album soon.

Prints for Sale

I’ve been working with my friends over at Bearded Lady and setting up an identity and web shop for their amazing screen prints. Please take a moment to check out the work by some great artists here on the site. I’ll have some prints for sale up there very soon.

Print by Will Gaynor

Adios, Crummy House

Jess and I said goodbye to our affectionately named house in South Austin, where we started our first collaboration, Crummy House. While we won’t miss some parts of the place, we’ll certainly miss the good times we had there.


You can still view the archive: CLICK HERE