Patterns and textures

Things are moving along over here at the studio. I haven't had much time to update the blog these past few months since we've moved into our new place. We've been really enjoying the new spot and the new neighborhood. We feel super lucky to have found such a rad spot. More on that soon.

Here is some internet content for your hungry brains.

Custom Chucks

Here are another pair of custom shoes I made as a gift to a special Converse client.

These were a ton of fun to make, I ended up using acrylic paint to make a pattern across these fresh red Chucks..


Earlier this year, my younger sister Molly, who is an art teacher and rad artist, gave me a demo on using a sewing machine.

I have always loved making hand painted patches and I wanted to sew the edges to make them more presentable.

I liked using it so much, that I ended up practicing enough to make some crappy embroidered patches of my own. I'm not sure where this new venture will take me, but all I know is that I'm having a bunch of fun using the machine.

Seafoam Records

My buddy Josh plays in Crooks needed a logo for his new record label coming up, so this is what we came up with. Crooks is playing a show in support of their new album this Saturday at Scoot Inn.