Holy Ketchup

Dude, it’s a busy time of year that is for sure.
Here’s an update on what’s been happening in the past month or so.

I worked with Converse at the Fader Fort.

It was good to work with some rad local artists this year and see some familiar faces from years past.

A custom pair of Converse for BJ.

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Futura.



The Koozie Show

I designed this poster. Come out to this show coming up and participate by making your own custom koozie and dropping it off by noon at the gallery. Will be a good old time you won’t want to miss.

Johnson’s Backyard Garden 5K

I teamed up with my buddy Ryan on this t-shirt design for Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s fun run out at the farm. Also another event you can participate in.

Brew and Brew

I’ve also been working on some t-shirt designs for The Brew and Brew, a coffee and beer joint here in town. This is just a sneak peek, I’ll show you more once we get some stuff printed up.

Astral Spirits

I’ve been helping Nate with some new Astral Spirits releases coming up this summer. Keep an eye peeled for some rad events in Austin and pick up a few tapes.