Moving right along

Over the past 4 years, I've played just about every role in the agency/creative field while working at Land. It's been a wild adventure, from producing artwork and design for some of the most demanding clients to creating one of the largest brands in the cannabis space, I can move on to the next phase of my career knowing that I've gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience.

I'm excited and anxious to be back out on my own.

Ready for whatever comes next.


I’ve been working on a new idea for the past few years in the back of my head about a project that helps deliver simple ideas in booklet format. Well, that idea finally came into the physical world yesterday and I’m super excited to announce:

HAND OUTS – Simple, small ideas in booklet format – made to share.

Look out for a more detailed post and how you can get your own soon.

Legalize Cannabis

I’ve been fortunate to live out many of my dreams, but this one has probably taken the cake. Since I was a youngster growing up in the great state of Texas, marijuana as they call it, has been illegal. I experimented a few times with the plant and realized it has more potential than the government gives it credit and have been delighted to see the legalization process happening across the nation.

Over the past three years working with LAND, we created a cannabis brand like no other – OLD PAL. I was excited to learn all about regulations and processes and build messaging and advertising for smokers of all types.

In such a short time, we’ve been able to produce over 30 different SKUs sold in the legal cannabis marketplace along with a line of accessories and clothing available to purchase. Take a look and pick up a pack of quality, cannabis at a dispensary near you.

Times like these

It’s been over a year since my last post here.

Seems that time moves faster as you age – less time for writing blog posts, more time for dealing with life’s new challenges. I’ve realized you can never predict the future. You can only rely on your gut, but most likely, things won’t turn out like you imagined.

I wrote four years ago and warned that we were in for some turbulent times. Little did I know how bad things would get. Half of our society has chosen hate and fear as a new way of life. Not to mention a pandemic, economic collapse, corrupt government, class revolution and more. That’s just the everyday, not to mention the new situations many of us have found ourselves in this new time.

The answer is found within us, and hopefully more and more will dig deep to see where they stand. We don’t have any room for apathetic Americans. We need to stand together and vote for the change we deserve.