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Hot Rod Zine Release

Stoked to be finishing off a super rad project over at Crummy House with my new buddy X.C. Atkins.

Xavier is an all around champ in the areas of writing and making and idea generation. We were contacted by Xavier earlier in the year and finally got around to talking. He had been brewing this idea of a fanzine around Rod Stewart for some time and already had the sweet content. Jess and I made one work apiece and the zine went into production.

Stop by August 2nd at Yellow Jacket Social Club to pick up your copy.

Zines for sale, party for free

Not much to say

Don’t got a bunch of news on the old news front, but working on a new zine with Ryan Rhodes and Jessica at Crummy House, attending the Addys this weekend and making these funky little wood assemblages just for the hell of it. I could see an entire wall looking like these two sculptures and making a pretty big impact on a space.