Times like these

It’s been over a year since my last post here.

Seems that time moves faster as you age – less time for writing blog posts, more time for dealing with life’s new challenges. I’ve realized you can never predict the future. You can only rely on your gut, but most likely, things won’t turn out like you imagined.

I wrote four years ago and warned that we were in for some turbulent times. Little did I know how bad things would get. Half of our society has chosen hate and fear as a new way of life. Not to mention a pandemic, economic collapse, corrupt government, class revolution and more. That’s just the everyday, not to mention the new situations many of us have found ourselves in this new time.

The answer is found within us, and hopefully more and more will dig deep to see where they stand. We don’t have any room for apathetic Americans. We need to stand together and vote for the change we deserve.