TGIF on Thursday

A few updates while I have a little time to spare.

Fusebox Festival
Grateful to have been able to help out with this project for the team over at Fusebox. They coined the term Free Range Art, since the event is free this year, so I came up with this chicken in a football helmet graphic for some t shirts and a program guide. I also helped make some templates for their festival program. Get out and check out the festival.


Laura at Olive asked me to come by and help add a touch to her newly repainted shop. This was a super fun day out in the perfect weather. She’s working on a new sign for the front, but stop by soon and see the work and her rad shop.


I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, trying to get ready for a slew of projects coming up. Hopefully, I’ll have some cool items for sale around Austin and a few other places very soon.