Summer Update

It’s pretty warm outside. We’ve been lucky to only have a handful of 100+ degree days this summer which is a nice change. I’m back in the swing over here with a couple projects wrapping up and a few more in the works.


I’ve been enjoying working over at Bearded Lady, both for and with them on a bunch of different things. We updated the website with some new photos of what they’ve been working on.

Go take a look.


Another fun project, this time with Shannon, Darrin and Mancub up at YJSC. Over many beers, we hatched up some designs riffing on the Saints and Star Trek. We’ll print up some t-shirts just in time for football season.


Other than that, I’m trying to have a summer and relax when I can.

Get in touch for any new projects you have upcoming in the fall and stay cool.