Project LOOP Mural

Tribeza put on a benefit for Project LOOP at Revival Cycles this year. Three artists painted murals for the event, which are planned to be installed in the LOOP warehouse down the line. I was lucky to be one of those artists.


Here’s a quick rundown of the events and happenings.

Brian Phillips and Tim Kerr were the other two artists involved, both super rad guys who are always pushing the envelope and making stuff here in Austin and beyond. Here they are in a picture from a show in San Antonio earlier this year.

10628035_10152214186190881_8773024449648264942_n(Photo: Amanda Claire Miller)

Brent Humphreys put a lot of effort into making the event a success, pictured with Tim and inky hands in this photo:


I made a sketch to try and get an idea of what I wanted to do. The idea was to just kinda “Go with the flow.” and make a colorful piece.

We met up out in Taylor to work in the LOOP warehouse because we’ve been getting a lot of rain lately. It was a pretty cool set up to be hanging and painting in the middle of small town Texas with Tim Kerr. We worked the day and then painted a bit together at the event the next night.




Thanks Tribeza and Project LOOP!