Museums Press Anthology

“The MUSEUMS PRESS ANTHOLOGY is a compilation of international artists that have continued to catch our eye throughout 2011. Be it through mounted paper, abstract markmaking, heartfelt quotations, detailed studies or just straight up good art each artist in here is much loved by us.” – Museums Press

The 168 pages span the following artists, in nearly alphabetical order, Santaigo Ascui, David Bailey, Morgan Blair, Alexandra Humphreys, Alexander Cheves, Helena Coard, Ekta, Matthew Feyld, James Benjamin Franklin, Keith Greiman, Aaron Anderson, Eric Timothy Carlson, Joseph Hart, William Harvey, Lizz Hickey, Jessica Higgins, Ryan de la Hoz, Dylan Hughes, Dale Jackson, Mark Warren Jacques, Kelly Lynn Jones, Lucy Jones, Mel Kadel, Denise Kupferschmidt, Tim Lahan, Mason McFee, Travis Millard, Maren Miller, Andrew Neyer, Joakim Ojanen, Rob Phoenix, Benjamin Thomas Rawson, Louis Reith, Andy Rementer, Brion Nuda Rosch, Keith Shore, Jack Teagle, Matthew Walkerdine, Megan Whitmarsh, Chelsea Wong and Anthony Zinonos.

7.44” X 9.68”, 166 pages, perfect bound book. Colour cover w/ black & white inside pages.



Morgan Blair made the cover art.