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Change, change, change

As with many things these days, change is always upon us. With change comes challenge and new obstacles to overcome to move forward. Here's a bit about what's changing in my world.


Hey, America. You fucked up.


We let the world down. We chose to take a giant step backwards in time last week. A candidate who ran a campaign based on fear and hate ended up winning our nation's highest position. It is not good.

I've been struggling to find a way to voice my anger with the situation, but my best response is to work harder. To smile more at strangers, to say hello more often to my neighbors.

Nothing is certain it seems these days. I invite anyone who needs anything to contact me for help. I'm happy to do what I can to support you or your cause through action or artwork.

Contact me


Change of scenery


I've been holding off from talking too much about it, but I'm leaving my little studio at Bearded Lady. For the past two years, I've had a 100 square foot studio at the back of the shop. It has been a great incubation tank for my first couple years of business and I thank Josh and Abi for being rad and letting me do my thing there.

I'm not folding the deck just yet, just in transition to a new space. As with all things in change, the hardest part is the beginning, where all is confusing and hard to understand. The path usually gets easier when you make the first step. I'm excited to see what a new environment does to my work and am welcoming the change, although timidly.

I'll tell you more about my new spot soon, but for now I invite you to come join me for the last day of EAST at my studio this coming Sunday. I'll be doing some custom patches and selling off some artwork and supplies.


Slam Dunk the Kids


627Tapes came up with the rad idea to get a bunch of artists and fans to make some bootleg t-shirts. Who doesn't love a good parking lot bootleg? I've been tasked with creating a Portland Trailblazers t-shirt, so I made sure to put the biggest, best Blazers on one t-shirt.

Make sure to come out NBA opening night and pick up a shirt or two for charity.

Very stoked to be included in this rad event coming up at Yellow Jacket Social Club.



Humboldt County via SF


Jessica and I just got back from a quick trip to the Pacific Coast to visit our good friends Ryan, Cati and Indigo. We flew into San Francisco and drove up the coast. We spent some time in the woods and ate, made art and hung out for a bit. We even got to run into old buddy Rich Cali while we were there. Here are a few photos from the trip.

I'm back in the studio ready to finish off the year with some fun work. Hope to see you soon.










Altru Apparel Collection



Last year, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a collection of patch based goods with Altru Apparel.  

They are now up and ready to purchase over at Urban Outfitters and on the Altru Apparel website.

Take a look and go grab yourself a comfy t-shirt or hat. Stay tuned for an interview about my process of making on the Altru website in the coming weeks.