Spring Broke

Spring is here and there is a buzz in the air in Austin. SXSW is here and you can hear music everywhere around the city. I'm not working at any events this year, which is kind of a relief. I can actually get some work done and enjoy myself afterwords.

Preacher Show - I did get to hang some artwork at Preacher for their annual SXSW show. I wanted to do a mini-installation of a bunch of things I've had hanging in my shop for a little bit. Here's what I came up with:


Monofonus Showcase - Don't miss this rad show. Of course, you'll ask me where Monofonus is located, but, on this one, "If ya know, ya know, ya know?" Hope to see my homies hanging and hope the weather is rad.


Benefit Party - Also, there is a benefit for Family P who is going through a super hard time. We need your support this Thursday. All you have to do is show up and buy beer or drinks like you normally do and a portion of the bar sales goes to the family.


Element Work


Skateboard graphics got me into the arts more than any other medium I encountered growing up. Flipping through the pages of Thrasher when you're stuck in the middle of small town Texas gave me a glimpse into a larger world.

Needless to say, I was super pumped when Element asked me to do some work together. I've been collaborating with talented art director Brecht Cuppens on some work that is now seeing the light of day. More will be on the way and big thanks to Element for making dreams come true.

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Happy New Year, a month late

Dude, it's no joke! Time flies when you're having fun.

This year is already ripping by and it feels like it just began. Jessica and I got married in January and things have been a rollercoaster ride since then.  Our wedding was an amazing time and thanks to everyone who helped out and played a part in such a rad time. Here's a pic of me and my wife enjoying our first day of marriage.


The first week back in the studio, I made this window covering for a client's house. I used up most of the rest of the pattern prints I made a while back, but now have a better idea of what I want to do with some new larger ideas and patchwork arts.


I've also got some artwork at this group show at The Parlor here in Austin. Should be a really good time, hope you can make it out. Thanks to Heather Sundquist for inviting me to participate.


Studio is kind of a mess right now, but that means things are getting done! Stop by sometime and hang out at the shop, I'm here just about every day.



These koozies and some patches will be for sale at Old Man Jam Box's grand opening party this Friday.

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As always, get in touch for projects, this year has a lot of room