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This is where the normals live.

Cell division

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening on Friday. It was a bunch of fun for all and soon I’ll have some pictures of the setup. Here’s a new piece I’ve been working on this last week.

Utter and complete darkness

Jessica and I went to Longhorn Cavern to find ourselves some “utter and complete darkness” this Memorial Day. I got to tell all the stories of when I was a young spelunker down at Cascade Caverns. It was fun and worth the trip out there. Jumped into Inks Lake afterwards and trucked back into town in time for work.

TEE PEE Records

The new IRON AGE record will be released on TEE PEE records coming up here in the next month or two. Congratulations on the hard work and long road to this release.

South by So What

The beginning of a four day long adventure. The house is clean, the weather is nice, the clothes are not dirty.

SXSW came and went like the flu this year. One day, you wake up and hipsters are filling your alley ways and the next thing you know, you’re standing next to 500 of them in your local music venue. That’s okay, cause they bring money and parties to our town, so I say party on Wayne. These were the pictures I took of the madness.